Double Sitebar. Double visibility.

The ad that sticks twice.

Overview of benefits

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Wide variety of possibilities

Ideal for videos, images, animations, forms and more.

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Standardised Ad

Only a setup fee and available on various websites.

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High visibility

The responsive ad with a large banner appears to the left and right of the content.

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Independent media buying

Bookable as a direct campaign or programmatically with your favourite publisher.

How it works

The Double Sitebar provides two generous and innovative spaces for the presentation of interactive media content, as well as a constant presence of the advertising message. The ad dynamically adapts to the size of the browser window for optimal presentation. Positioned to the left and right of the website's content, the two sitebars always remain visible when scrolling. The sitebar offers a variety of options: images, animations, vertical videos, forms and much more.

Here you can find our specifications:


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